Friday, March 5, 2010

How to install Cumulative update or Hotfix on SharePoint Server:-

SharePoint Server Cumulative :_
Prep your Farm for the Upgrade
Pre-requsite Steps for installing SharePoint Cummulative Updates
Make sure SharePoint version is sp2 or sp1 (atleast)
Backup SharePoint Farm
Quiesce farm the SharePoint Farm from Central Admin --> Operations - Quiesce farm Stop the world wide web Publishing service from services.msc
Package Installation
Run update packages on servers in the Farm in following order :-
(A) Web Application Server – Excel Services, SSRS, BDC – Services Server
(B) Index Server
Repeat both packages Install on all servers in the farm in the order specified above.
WSS Package
Run the following package - A Reboot is required (be prepared as Microsoft is not correct on Reboot)
MOSS Package
Run the following package - A Reboot is required (be prepared)

Run the SharePoint Product & Services Technology - psconfig (Wizard) on all the SharePoint Servers in following order
1. WFE which host the Central Admin
2. SharePoint Application Services Server
3. SharePoint Index Server
4. Other WFE's
Central Admin --> Operations – Stop Quiesce farm
Check the version of the SharePoint Server from Operations Tab
Central Admin - Operations - Servers in the Farm
Farm Information will list the version as -
Version on each server in the Farm - will be displayed next to Servers name


Anonymous said...

Hi Vandana

Appreciate the way your menetion the steps to install CU, It makes my life happy .

Thank you soo much.

Requesting you to please provide some information regarding sharepoint admin.

Many Thanks

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